Greater Than

greater than


Yesterday, I got be a part of something so big, I never dreamed it would happen.
I hoped it would happen.
I even prayed for it to happen.
But I hadn’t placed my expectations in it happening…

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Seeking God



seek God


Lately, I’ve been seeking God. I’m not having a crisis of faith, but I am having a crisis of presence.  My head knows God is near, but my heart has felt closed and distant.  After being wounded and scared, it has curled up into a tiny, prickly ball afraid to relax or feel too deeply, afraid even of God Himself who never works merely for my pleasure or comfort.  Glory doesn’t just shine, sometimes it burns…

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Yesterday I talked about minimalism and money. Today, I’m blogging over at Middle Places about my treasures. The simple fact is that we are all living for something regardless of your faith or belief system. My family lives to give back to the world. It is who we are at our core, and it’s the foundation for our lifestyle.


 We want a little bit of Jesus; enough to get our sorry souls into heaven. We don’t want too much of Jesus; not enough to change the world. ~~Brian Zahnd

In my heart I am a missionary.  I didn’t know this about myself until I was married with children, which I don’t think is the lesser choice by any means. I dream of scooping up my family and setting sail on a Mercy Ship or relocating to the White River reservation in Arizona.  I conspire ways to sell everything and walk away together into the grasslands of Africa.  I wonder what the future will hold for us when so much of the world still so desperately needs Jesus.

For today, these options aren’t mine to choose. I can’t physically drop it all and leave town, so instead I raise children in my soul and in my heart…

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In the Middle of Breaking




“It’s been a tenuous week.  Breakable things seem to be everywhere: a  friend finds out her mother has blood clots in the brain, cancer finally overcomes loved ones who have been waging war for over a decade, a relationship tears apart .  Trust shatters, hearts crack, tears fall. Breakable…”

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In the Middle of Going On

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“In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life; it goes on”

Robert Frost

Last Monday I was writing to you while still basking in the bliss of vacation honeymoon. My children, and I if you want to be honest, went to school all summer so this was our early fall break. I planned two weeks off school, one of family vacation and one to really get my feet under me for the push through fall and into the holiday season. I felt supremely unprepared for pretty much every single thing that happened this summer; I intend to be prepared for the next twelve weeks.

I’m going to wait just one moment here to let you guess what happened… ( to read the rest, click here)

In the Middle of Goodness and Greatness

It’s January 7th and for many of us, the shine is wearing off the new year and the sparkle of Christmas is long past.  We’ve gone back to work and school, probably already broken a resolution or two…It’s hard, this life.  It gets heavy. Every one is fresh and smiling at the starting line, but now the sprinters have moved on, and if you’re like me, you’re in the middle of the pack and already, your legs are tired…

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Every Monday, I write for the Middle Places blog. Today I am writing about Beginnings, which makes it the perfect day to open the Mo’Joy Blog.

I’m about to break the minimalist code here with my next few words: I am a sucker for new things.
Fortunately for me, the list of things I actually want to acquire is small so I can keep the impulse pretty well in check, but I do love new things with my whole heart: new books, new notebooks, a new set of pens, new foods, new clothes. I love new, which means the two weeks after Christmas and into New Year is literally my favorite time of the entire year, every year.

I know most of you are groaning now that I am “one of those people.” I am.

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