What is Mo’ Joy?

There was a time, not so very long ago, that I was picking up a lot of broken pieces.  It was a time when I wanted to be someone else, so I made up a silly name describing something I wanted to be, someone with more joy and a lot less fear.  I didn’t know it at the time, but the name was one that would strike a chord in quite a few people. Every one had something to say about the name  Mo’ Joy, and it brought a great deal of happiness to me to wear such a joyful persona.

After more time had passed, I felt less broken and fearful, and I thought it was time to do away with silly names and be the “real, grown-up me.”  But somehow, I actually felt less myself without Mo’ Joy around.  Mo’ Joy had become part of me, a bold flower growing through all the cracks in my life, making even such a damaged soul as I into something beautiful. Mo’ Joy had grown beyond a silly name and blossomed into a way of life, a life that focused on finding the joy, growing laugh lines and eye crinkles, that isn’t afraid to run in the rain, that stops everything to hold a baby, hug a loved one, or just see the light fall perfectly on the water.

During this time of healing, I also began explore the concept of a minimalist lifestyle. I have baggage, and not just the emotional kind.  It’s been just over a year of rethinking the lifestyle I’ve always been told I needed to live by the culture around me, and discovering who I am and what I really love.  I’ve unloaded literally hundreds of pounds of stuff from my home and from my heart. I’m completely sold out to the concept of less meaning more, and overjoyed to find it aligning so closely with my faith and beliefs. My life has a new equation, less stuff = Mo’ Joy. It also equals more laughter, more time, more rest, more exploring, more adventure, more generosity, more passion and more..well, it would be a really long blog title.

So Mo’ Joy is what it claims, a blog about  Joy> stuff and about all the things that fill me with joy, and the people I love, and the adventure that this life is.


One thought on “What is Mo’ Joy?

  1. Love this Dana. I have had something so horrible happen to me this week that will take a longtime to recover from…broken, fearful are just 2 words that apply…but the word joy is something that when my Daddy passed I clung to. I made a scrapbook pic of him and I dancing on my 16th b-day and found a saying in my scrapbooking stuff that says “Learn how to feel joy.” And last night I felt the Lord whisper 2013’s words to me “Beauty from the ashes” …as I begin yet another healing journey, God give me the ability to feel joy again and may beauty be birthed from these ashes…

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