See…what ha-happened was…

I washed my phone with the sheets.
No lie.
I woke up Tuesday morning ready to run and thought, “Let’s get those sheets washed while I’m at it.”
Except when you use your phone as an alarm clock, sometimes that phone crawls into bed with you so you can snooze…snooze…snooze.
And it did not crawl back out before the spin cycle.

This may seem to have nothing to do with blogging. Except that…
I have two step verification on my wordpress blog
for which I never printed the back up codes.
So when my phone is well and truly drowned, I can’t log into wordpress.

Epic fail on my part.

In the meantime, I am still phoneless, but now I have a my own website.
It’s where I will be blogging from now on.
You can hop on over there to see how I feel about not being able to finish 31 Days with flair, but finishing all the same.
And where I’ll be headed next.

WordPress really was fabulous and did get me back into my account long before a replacement phone was acquired. But it’s time I graduated anyway. Thanks so much for being part of 31 days here.

I hope you’ll join me in my new place too.

The Mo’Joy Blog:



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