A Tale of Four Closets.

(This is part 2 of a 2 part series. You can read Closets: An american horror story by clicking HERE)

The house I currently live in is over one hundred years old.  It’s beautiful and unique with slanty floors and hand-planed doors.  I love it.  I’m also very glad I discovered minimalism before I moved in. Our house has three bedrooms and five closets. Three of the closets are not in a bedroom. One of the spaces I call a closet could also technically be called a pantry, but it’s huge and I don’t just use it for food. One of the closets is empty (see yesterday’s post HERE for the picture).

I promised a picture of the closets so here goes.

PicMonkey Collage
Here you are. In the very innards of my home. I did not clean before inviting you.  Now let’s chat a bit.

The largest picture is of the pantry-closet. This area is currently undergoing an overhaul since I purged again. It’s a little messy. The left side is mostly food, with some storage above and below. A few space heaters and a blue sleeping bag are up top, too. On the left side(not pictured) are some side shelves. There we have some linens (there is no linen closet in the house. I will talk more about our obsession with linens later this week). Also all my coolers are just piled at the bottom. I have several since I peddle cheese in my spare time ( I really mean that). Remember in the first week when I talked about a maybe box? That toaster oven is sitting there while its fate is decided. We recently went with a much smaller pop-up toaster, but we do sometimes use the little oven even though it stopped toasting well. If I don’t miss it before Christmas it won’t stay, but I am allowing myself some space to decide. Oh and that really is all the food we keep except what’s in the fridges. Yes, we have two. One came with the house. I do kind of love second fridge when I live far from the store. We have too many weights. Those are the next items to be reassessed.

Now, moving quickly from the top right down:

The coat closet: This is where all five of us have our coats. Most of us have only two, light and heavy. I have two dresses and a skirt in here as well since I have no closet. Hunky has more than three coats and so does youngest. She wears coats in the summer time so she gets a pass. On top (not pictured) is our board game collection. Underneath are Hunky’s shoe shelves. He recently did a major wardrobe overhaul. I like his shoes better now.

The teens’ closet:  That’s right. I have three teenage girls and the middle picture is their closet their whole closet and nothing but their closet. They rock the minimalism and I am not ashamed to brag on them. They have adjoining rooms and the other one doesn’t even have a closet. They are neither deprived nor naked, and I think they look amazing all the time.

Hunky’s Closet: The bottom picture is Hunky’s closet with mostly my shoes on the inner door. I love shoes, I struggle with getting rid of them. I used to have about twenty-five more pair. No lie. It really is a process.  Hunky’s closet is about four feet wide with two half racks and a full rack.  He also is pretty amazing with the minimizing which has also been a process.

One more picture to answer potential questions.  Here is where I keep my clothes:
PicMonkey Collage2
There you have it. I even moved my winter things in here recently. It was much emptier this summer. Top left are my running clothes. T-shirts, jeans and pants are in the third drawer down. The bottom drawer will ideally hold my shoes one day, but today it holds yarn. That’s all of it. Life without a closet.  It takes some getting used to, but I like it.

For the rest of this week we’re going to dive into a quick room-by-room overview of how I minimized. Always remember that your way of doing things will probably be different from mine, but it helps to hear someone else’s voice to get you started some times. I hope you will keep checking in!


2 thoughts on “A Tale of Four Closets.

  1. Finally… I’ve been refreshing the page all day long, waiting for this one to appear!!!
    My husband and I bought our first home just over a year ago, and I love everything about it… except for the lack of closet space! No coat closet, no linen closet, very small closets in the bedroom, and no basement to store junk either. We’ve spend endless hours trying to fine new ways to contain all of our stuff, and I never really never considered that the easiest way to make room for everything is just to have less stuff!

    • hahahahaha I never knew closets were so exciting!! and yes, that is the answer. We assessed our needs: I stay at home and educate the kids, they stay at home and do the learning. We don’t need an expansive wardrobe for that. I think they have more clothes than they really need STILL but they do such a good job with them it’s not worth stressing over. Hunky has more clothes because he leaves the house to bring home the bacon, but even he has cut way back. Most things that hide in closets are things we don’t REALLY need. It’s true. Because if we used them they wouldnt live in the closet.

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