Time Out

You know how you get to the end of the week sometimes and you feel like there just isn’t anything left?  Words pelt you like small bits of gravel. The things you kept meaning to get around to but just couldn’t quite get your hands on seem to taunt you when you round the corner or just at the moment you start to sit down.  That’s me tonight. It’s been a busy week. Not bad busy…good busy, in many ways very  good busy. But good or bad, being an introvert means even the very best company withdraws from my bank of ability to cope with life and its demands. It’s Thursday night, and I’m scraping the bottom of the account.

This is why I am so happy it’s Thursday.
Thursday is my Friday. And tomorrow…
Well, tomorrow is the very best of days.  We call it Sabbath.

I realize Sabbath isn’t a word that makes everyone comfortable. It’s antiquated and odd. It also smacks of extreme orthodoxy, and yet I’ve spoken before about how it’s one of our greatest untapped gifts. When I started 31 Days, I spoke about my family’s unorthodox schedule.  Where ministry is concerned, there is always a need.   We could fill every hour of every day for the rest of our lives working, working for good, valuable, important things.  Thank God we don’t have to. Thank God that He set it up from the beginning for His people to have a time out.  Not a day to run all over town getting things done, not a day to overhaul the closets, the attic and the garage. Time out.

Time to sleep, to read, to sit, think, enjoy…Sometimes we play games and watch movies. Sometimes we lounge about in jammies until well after noon.  Sometimes we go places together, or Hunky and I go out to lunch.  It’s our time out…out of society, out of culture, out of calendars and schedules and to-do lists. Outside of the all the things the world tells us are so very important. Things it cannot manage without us for even one hour.

A foul lie if ever there was one.

We are not nearly so important. We don’t like to hear that very much, but it is true. For thousands or millions of years, depending on your world view, before we came around and for however long time has left when we’ve moved on, the world has been just fine without us. So we, my family and I, don’t have any problem at all checking out for one day a week and simply resting.

Yes, it takes preparation to manage a day away. It takes saying no to things and skillfully managing the other six days.  Time out doesn’t just happen.  It gets easier with practice, more familiar and anticipated. It’s the very thing I need at the end of every week when I’ve expended every bit of my storehouse.

And now…I think I’ll step out for a day or so.


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