The Imperfect Minimalist

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I’ve talked a great deal this week about the reasons to clean out, pare down and dispose of our belongings. Today I wanted to share the things that I haven’t and don’t plan to dispose any time soon. Yes, I am absolutely a minimalist, but I do still have things I love. Today I am sharing the not-so-minimal areas of my home.

Starting at the top left and moving clockwise:

1. Hunky and I share one desk which means I have to be a little bit creative. Also, I have a bit of a pen and sharpie addiction. The shadow boxes and baskets hold some of my treasures, my pens, a few gifts from friends, and those odd papers that don’t fit anywhere but that you absolutely cannot throw away.  I do know what is there and where to find it, but it’s not a spartan desk top by any means.

2.  The Christmas shelf. A few years ago I decided not to put much effort into seasonal decorating anymore. In fact, other than the tree, stockings and ornaments, we don’t do really do any Christmas decorating,  though we all love Christmas. Enter, the Christmas shelf. The set of carolers and my tins, which say “Peace”,  “Joy”, and “Love” are some of my very favorite things, even when it isn’t Christmas.  I have them sitting in my kitchen window where I work every day, and where I enjoy them every day.  Even in June.

3.  This is my bedside ‘table’  It isn’t actually a table; it’s an antique crate (pictured) set atop two yarn bins (not pictured). On it you can see my stack of library books and my chapstick. I will always have chapstick by the bed. In it are various books I reference frequently, my kindle charger, some lotion for my rough ole’ runner feet, a book light and a flashlight.  I do use all the items all the time.  But it certainly doesn’t look minimal, and I love it.

4.  The picture wall. We’ve had these in our last four homes. We change the photos once a year to more recent shots to be displayed where everyone can see. It’s the happiest place in my home. I don’t ever plan to be with out it.

So there you have it. Being minimalist means making room for the things that work most effectively for me, not getting rid of things simply to do without.  I’ve shared with you a few things that work perfectly in my own home, but that seemingly defy what many would call minimalist.

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