January: Review

I did not leap out of the starting gate this year with the gusto I always (over) anticipate, but what I did begin, I began strongly.  That may be the key to longevity in some major life changes.

I purposed to run 1,000 this year: I ran 78.5 of those miles in January. This number is roughly 6 miles behind what I need to run monthly to achieve my goal. However, considering I will be increasing my miles from here on out, there is no reason why I can’t and won’t make those number up rapidly.
What’s next: February has three fewer days so I won’t expect to increase my mileage tremendously. I am hoping to run at least 80 miles, perhaps as much as 85. This makes my average run 4 miles, an increase of 1.5 miles per run from Jan. 1. I will run a 5K on February 23rd.

I purposed to change to whole food diet with no refined sugars or grains for at least 100 days. I began this on January 1 and with one or two small exceptions, have done extremely well in following this eating plan. We’ve tried several new foods and ways of preparing old foods. Hunky is eating well with me.  I miss soda.
What’s next: Continue eating whole food, with even better preparation and planning. Try at least 5 new recipes.

I purposed to read 125 books this year.  I read ten books in the month of January. I also started a new Goodreads account to help keep better track of my reading and better organized overall. If you would like to visit me there to see more about my reading, I’m at Mo’ Joy Reads.
What’s next: I need to up my non-fiction reading and just get back on track with reading in general. I really slacked off the last week or so.

I purposed to redesign, rebrand, and recommit to blogging. I renamed and moved my blog here to Mo’Joy Abundant. I blogged seventeen times here this month and four times at the Middle Places blog.
What’s next: Continue to rebrand with the Mo’Joy name. Blog at least 21 times (besides Middle Places blogs), listen to the Killer Tribes blog conference downloads. Continue to be creative and learn more about group blogging and promotion at Middle Places.

Overall I’m really happy with what I have changed. I won’t be beating myself up over what I didn’t get done after taking a good, hard look at how far I have come. In mileage alone, it’s pretty impressive.

New for February:
Better time management/ time tracking included less wasted online time
Praying the hours