10 Personal Commandments for 2013 (and beyond)

I’ve been a fan of Gretchen Rubin ever since she published her book, The Happiness Project.  I love her listyness, her thought processes, and her ability to be candid about both the good and the bad parts of her life and personality.  I’m always drawn to the concept of finding or creating happiness.  I was just as pleased this fall when I read her second book, Happier At Home.  It was while I was reading this book, though not solely due to its influence,  that several plans and aspirations came together that cemented my decision to start the Mo’ Joy Blog.  One of the things I really enjoy about Gretchen’s life philosophy is that she has written tenets that are all about who she is and how she lives her best life.  They are very specifically tailored to her personality and also her goals for growth and joy. I love this concept. Since November I’ve been pondering what phrases encapsulate not only who I am, but keep me pointed in the direction I want to go.  So much has happened that has changed me and shaped me, and here I am on the cusp of forty, an age that at one time I didn’t think I would see.  I don’t want to leave these concepts undefined and unvoiced.  They matter to me, and they help to define the way I approach my most intimate relationships and also the world at large. They help to keep my attention centered and focused on who and what I want to be.  And of course they are subject to change as I change.

Mo’ Joy’s Personal Commandments

1. Be Dana. Let everyone else be who they are too.
2. Spend out.
3. Run hard, walk if I have to, but don’t quit.
4. Choose encouraging friends and community; filter the negative influences.
5. Never waste an opportunity to spread love.
6. Err on the side of grace.
7. Laugh every day. Seek laughter out if necessary.
8. Leave my past behind me.
9. Be more of what matters every day.
10.  Let the introvert have quiet time; don’t wait too long.


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